Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are the rugs woven?

Endless Knot rugs are produced on upright wooden looms using the centuries-old method of hand-knotting with the senneh loop as the knotting system.  The wool in each rug is either a blend of the finest hand-spun New Zealand and Tibetan wool, or 100% Tibetan yarn.  Silk may also be used as an accent to the design, or even used to weave the entire rug.  After the yarn is hand-spun, the wool is saturated in Swiss Chrome dyes by the dye-master.  Once dyed, they are rolled into a ball and ready for master weavers.  After the carpet is woven, it is taken off the loom to be washed, trimmed, and dried.

Q: Where are the rugs woven?

Endless Knot rugs are woven in Kathmandu, Nepal by Tibetan expatriates as well as ethnic Nepalese.

Q: Does Endless Knot use child labor?

Endless Knot’s manufacturing partner is in compliance with Nepal’s labor laws prohibiting child labor.

Q: What is involved in the custom process?

Endless Knot has been weaving custom rugs for many years.  Both custom size and colors may be specified to meet your project’s needs.  Pricing will vary depending on the knotting, yarns, and sizing and/or design.

Q: How long has Endless Knot been in business?

Steve Laska founded Endless Knot in 1978.  Over the course of 35+ years, a strong relationship/partnership between the manufacturer and Mr. Laska has brought national recognition for its leading edge design utilizing the highest of weaving standards.

Q: Where can I purchase Endless Knot rugs?

Rugs are distributed nationally through retail and design center showrooms.  Please contact Endless Knot for a dealer closest to you.