For centuries, Tibetan rugs have been treasured for their design and richness. When Tibetans were driven from their homeland in the 1950’s, one of the only things they brought with them into exile was their generations-deep mastery of wool, natural dyes and a unique way of crafting heirloom rugs. This is the heritage of Endless Knot.

Today, Namgyal oversees Endless Knot’s weaving practice in Kathmandu, Nepal, but his story has an even more curious start.

Namgyal was born in the Himalayas as his family was being driven from their home in Tibet to Nepal, becoming the first generation of his proud Tibetan family born in exile. With two centuries of family tradition in the wool trade and traditional rug making, his roots run deep.

He came to Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu in the early 1970s. An ambitious young man, he apprenticed with Tharkey La, a master Tibetan artist whose vast knowledge of traditional vegetable dyes and rug design would otherwise be lost. Soon, Namgyal had become a distinguished and influential master artisan himself. Steve, a young Californian living in Nepal, saw the potential of fine Tibetan rugs in the western market, befriended Namgyal and founded Endless Knot.

Namgyal applied the centuries-old techniques they both admired to modern design requirements. Forty years later, he is teaching his children, the next generation, the knowledge and craftsmanship of creating some of the finest rugs in the world.

Between the Himalayan weavers and you, our Endless Knot clientele, you’ll find Ara and Paul.

Rug weaving in Armenia is storied and coveted, dating back to the 5th century. The son of Armenian immigrants, Ara founded his rug business during the Great Depression. Through support of family members in other communities and endless hours of dedicated work, he created a legacy for his family. Over the years, Ara’s sons worked alongside him and learned the rug trade. His son Paul and two other brothers carried forward the family tradition. And with Endless Knot,
the third generation has stepped into the role.

Combining centuries-old practices of rug trading and today’s online technologies, Endless Knot provides yet another step in ensuring that Ara’s family continues the rug tradition for generations. Quality is paramount, and the family stands behind every rug they sell.

In addition to building a legacy in the rug trade, they are active philanthropists, following Paul’s early commitment of supporting generational causes including education, healthcare assistance and senior care. As a customer, you also partner with us in these endeavors.