Custom Shapes and Sizes Are Available

Endless Knot’s handtufted rugs are carefully crafted by artisans with years of experience. To create each unique rug design, they punch strands of beautiful natural fiber wool into a stretched, framed canvas by using a small handheld tufting gun.

Once the rug’s design has been completed, our artisans remove it from the frame and attach a secure fabric backing to hold everything in place. In some cases, an intricate fringe is either sewn or glued on for additional decoration.

Since they are each created one-at-a-time by hand, our handtufted rug designs can be extremely detailed. The timeline is shorter than our handknotted rugs because our artisans don’t need to individually tie each knot.

Collaborate with us to create your custom design.

You can personalize one of our handknotted rugs by clicking on the image below and using our unique customization tool to adjust to your exact design specifications.

Learn More About Our Handtufted Rugs

If you have any questions, need assistance ordering or deciding what rug is right for you, or simply want more information, please get in touch with us! We’re happy to help.