Custom Shapes and Sizes Are Available

Endless Knot’s handknotted rugs are created in Nepal by master artisans with a deep history of rug making. We preserve centuries-old traditions to make the highest quality rugs for today’s modern interiors.

High in the Himalayas, sheep develop heavy coats of naturally resilient wool. When carded and spun, it suffers less breakage than fleece from less-challenging climates and reacts with dyes in distinctive ways. On our breathtakingly tall looms, artisans create deep and durable rugs knot by knot.

The process has remained the same for generations. Each rug receives the attention to detail that any masterpiece deserves, and each of the many artisans that help create it contributes to the art’s intrinsic character.

Our craftsmen in Kathmandu are among the most adept in the world, producing rugs in weeks rather than months. Yet handwork of this caliber does take time — that’s why you’ll receive updates throughout the production of your order to ensure your satisfaction.

Collaborate with us to create your custom design.

You can personalize one of our handknotted rugs by clicking on the image below and using our unique customization tool to adjust to your exact design specifications.

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