Axminster Collections

Double Helix Room Scene

Our two Axminster collections are curated for timeless beauty. Both Collections feature preset color creels, which allow for faster development times with no minimums.

Organic Earth Collection

Using 100% natural undyed wool, Organic Earth is carefully sourced, creating a fully biodegradable product. With over 50 patterns ranging from small scale to large, it has a solution for each unique space of your project.

Essentials Collection

The Essentials is just that, a classic bundle of patterns and colors that is beautiful and practical. This creel features a neutral base and 4 accent colors for a vast combination of colors.

Custom Colors and designs are available for projects over 600sq yd minimum.

Double Helix Room Scene

Learn More About Our Axminster Rugs

If you are unable to find a pattern, color, or size that suits your project, contact our Rug Concierge for assistance! We’re here to help.